SHAREit for Android: fast data sharing


The SHAREit application (known as Shareit or Sharit) is a very convenient program these days. Why, you ask? Because the volumes of transmitted information are becoming more and more, and the data transfer rate remains at the same level. SHAREit application allows you to exchange data at high speed using Wi-Fi on your phone, tablet or PC on Android.

This application creates a Wi-Fi access point, and files can be transferred from one device to another with amazing speed (tens of Mbps). Sending huge files is easy. The only condition will be the presence of a close distance between devices and the application itself.


The main advantages of Charit

  • When exchanging files, the Sharit application for Android does not require access to the Internet, so there is no need to worry about traffic if you have a limited mobile tariff.
  • Excellent data transfer speed is 200 times faster than with Bluetooth.
  • Cross-platform. The application is supported not only by Android, but also by iOS, Windows and Windows Phone. You can easily transfer data to any device.
  • Support for all formats. It can be both multimedia content and system files. Type and size are not limited.
  • PC connection. Using the application, you can view the contents of your phone on the screen of your computer, and through the phone you can see the contents of the computer and download absolutely any file you need to the smartphone’s memory.
  • The connection is stable, and the speed is always high.
  • There is a clear and simple interface.
  • The application is free and available for download to everyone.
  • A small application volume does not overload the device memory.

How to download and use the SHAREit app

The program is supported by Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone. You can download Shareit for android for free in any language by the link, or from the developer’s site There you can download a free application on your smartphone or tablet. You can always download the latest version. First you need to make sure that you are connected to the same access point. Then open the application and find the item “search for available devices”. They will be found right away, you just need to send a request and confirm. After connecting, you can send data.

If you need to connect your smartphone and computer, then open the application on the computer, select “connect to the phone.” Then you will notice a QR code that should be considered a smartphone. To do this, open SHAREit on your smartphone, click “Options” and select “Connect to PC” and “Scan to connect.” Read the QR code. Now you can easily share files.

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