Windows 10 2004 Major update Microsoft 2020

Windows 10 update

Windows 10 2004, the next major update of the Microsoft operating system whose arrival is expected by spring 2020, is already under development. If you want to know some of the features that you will find in this new version, pay attention because we tell you what its main novelties are.

The next big update of Windows 10 comes loaded with changes and new features. The first novelty is the name: the Redmond company decided to modify the nomenclature of the versions, and instead of calling it Windows 10 April 2020 Update or Windows 10 May 2020 Update, it decided to name it Windows 10 2004. Another of the changes expected is that, instead of offering a single update package as it has been doing so far, Microsoft could bet on a separate download system in order to avoid compatibility problems, errors, and failures. This year they have brought the company head.

Windows 10 update

5 Windows 10 laptops under € 200 that you can buy at Amazon

These are five basic laptops that you can buy at Amazon and that already come with Windows 10 factory preinstalled. Now we go over some of the new features of Windows 10 2004 that we have been knowing in recent months through the users of the Windows Insider program. All of them can be seen in the next update.

New update section for device drivers. You will no longer have to access the device manager to manage the drivers, and these updates will not be installed automatically. You can check the new versions of the drivers by tapping on the option See optional updates in Settings> Windows Update.

New features for the task manager. The Windows 10 task manager will have two new features: one to see the type of disk and another to control the temperature of the GPU. Consumption of Windows Search resources. To prevent problems with high disk consumption or CPU by Windows Search, a new algorithm will detect disk usage and activity and slow down the Windows indexer if necessary.

Speed up Windows Update

New options to speed up Windows Update. Windows 10 2004 will arrive with new options that will allow the user to set a specific speed to speed up Windows Update.  Goodbye password. Microsoft is testing the login without a password, which will allow access using multifactor authentication, for example by fingerprint and a PIN. News in Cortana. The Windows 10 update will bring a new interface for Cortana similar to a chat that will allow you to interact with the wizard to open applications, create reminders, and other options. In addition, it will have improved performance and a less intrusive initial screen.

Windows search improvements. We will find improved typographical corrections in the search for applications and configurations. In addition, it will also show suggestions to optimize the best-related results. Reset the PC from the cloud. Windows 10 can be reinstalled from the cloud, so you don’t need to have a local copy of the operating system.

Things you MUST switch to Windows 10 From Windows 7

Windows 10 From Windows 7

The company Microsoft has finally announced its long-awaited Windows 10 operating system. The transition to this OS will be free for all Windows 7 and 8.1 users over the next year, with Windows 10 being Microsoft’s most complex and definitely the best operating system to date.

THIS DAY HAS COME: Windows 10 has arrived!

This OS comes with a bunch of new advanced features as well as improvements to the old ones. Below are some of the best features of the new Windows that you should switch to immediately. Here’s what you need to get started with Windows 10 and how to get it ready!

New start menu

The new startup menu is a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8. On the left side, it will be reserved for a list of installed applications and programs, while on the right will be “live tiles” tiles brought by previous Windows. Best of all, you’ll be able to choose whether to use the full-screen start menu or just like once in the left corner.

Cortana’s digital assistant

Cortana has been available to Windows Phone users for some time but has also become available to classic PC users on the new Windows. The Virtual Assistant will help new Windows users organize their jobs, search the web, track flights, and more. It will allow users to control their voices.

Windows 10 From Windows 7

Windows Store applications that run on all Windows devices

The Windows Store has also undergone changes. Now every purchased app will work on all Windows devices (smart phones, tablets, Xbox consoles, computers). For example, Microsoft Office will work on tablets the same way it does on desktops and the Xbox One console. This means that users will not have to spend time learning to use the same app on different devices.

Windows Hello

Windows 10 will allow users to log on to their computer simply by looking at their computer’s camera. A project called Windows Hello will bring biometric passwords to the most popular operating system in the world.

Windows Continuum for Phones

One of the best features of the new Windows is the ability to use smart phones with this operating system as computers. Namely, when phones connect to a monitor, they will become real functional computers. It is even possible to use the keyboard and mouse.

New Microsoft Edge Internet browser

Microsoft has finally retired Internet Explorer and introduced Microsoft Edge , a faster and more advanced Internet browser instead . According to benchmark tests, even Google Chrome was beaten by this browser. Edge is also integrated with Cortana making it even easier to search and share sites with other users.

Improved touch but Windows 8.1 was a bad operating system for many users

Windows 8.1 was a bad operating system for many users, but it still brought improvement when it came to touching features. Windows 10 used the good things of its predecessor when it came to touch-friendly design, added a few new features, and made using the new Windows on tablets and touch screens even better.

Xbox One gaming

The new Xbox Windows application lets you play video games together, watch clips and compare results directly from your computer. It is even possible to stream games for Xbox One consoles directly to Windows 10.

Optional features in Windows 10 | Windows PowerShell 2.0

Windows 10 optional features

Before we know how to enable or disable these features, we will know the role of these features in Windows 10, and it is important to note that these features differ by edition of Windows 10. We will use Windows 10 Pro for this analysis.

The main features are:

.NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0). Thanks to this feature, we make it possible to run many programs that require .NET for optimal performance . This feature can be disabled, but whenever a program requires .NET, it is automatically downloaded and installed.

Active Directory Directory Lightweight Services

We know that thanks to Active Directory users, they can log in to the network , this feature is a lightweight version of AD and runs as a service within the operating system, also known as LDAP.


This feature is responsible for providing tools and services to run Windows Server and Hyper-V containers on the system.

Device lock

Thanks to this feature we have the possibility of more centralized administration in the system and is useful when implementing the kiosk system.

Setting up a data center

This IEEE standard feature enables all network components to have the same Ethernet network.


With this feature, we have the ability to enable Hyper-V on Windows 10, which is virtualization technology that gives us the ability to create virtual machines within the system.

TFTP client

This feature allows us to securely transfer files via FTP.

Windows 10 optional features

Telnet Client

This feature allows us to remotely connect to other equipment.

Internet information services

This feature, also known as IIS, gives us the ability to create an FTP server, a webhosting server that can be managed.

Several more Features which are also optional

Print to Microsoft PDF

This option allows us to print documents in PDF format.

The following components

  • Thanks to this feature we have compatibility with older system components like DirectPlay .
  • RIP listening
  • This feature enables the system to listen to the requirements of the old RIPv1 system.
  • RAS Connection Manager Management Kit (CMAK)
  • With CMAK, we have the ability to create custom profiles for connecting to remote servers.
  • Microsoft Queue Messaging (MSMO)
  • Thanks to this feature, we allow applications to run properly on unreliable networks by queuing messages instead of sending them when they are created.

MultiPoint connector

By enabling this feature, we have the ability to monitor and manage equipment with MultiPoint Manager and MultiPoint Manager Dashboard.

Internet kernel of the web information service host

With this feature, we enable Windows 10 web application hosting, which is very useful for developers.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

This feature enables SNMP agents to monitor and control network components.

WAS Service (Windows Process Activation Service)

Install a WAS service that is useful for IIS by removing HTTP independence.

Advanced .NET Framework Services 4.6

This option is useful for applications based on this version of the .NET Framework.

Printing and Documentation

Thanks to this feature, we can configure the print parameters on the operating system. It can enable or disable printing, scanner and network services .

Simple TCPIP Services

With this feature, we have support for TCP / IP protocol services , which include, inter alia, ECHO DISCARD, DAYTIME services.

Windows for Linux (beta) subsystem

This is one of the big innovations in Windows 10 and is the ability to run Ubuntu applications on Windows without using a virtual machine. We also know it as Ubuntu Bash Shell and currently runs Ubuntu 16.10.

XPS viewer

Thanks to this feature, we can view XPS files .

Windows Identity Foundation 3.5

This feature is useful for applications that were developed with the .NET Framework 4 version.

Windows PowerShell 2.0

This feature makes it possible to use Windows PowerShell on Windows 10, and we know the large reach of this console thanks to the wide variety of cmdlets.

Services for NFS

This feature enables NFS (Network File System) file access and is useful when using NAS to manage connections.

XPS Services

XPS is an old PDF-like protocol, so it’s not very common to use it.

SMB Direct

Thanks to this feature, we enable the use of network adapters that have Remote Memory Access or RDMA, which improves the sharing of all files thanks to SMB 3.

Windows TIFF IFilter

Enabling this feature allows Windows 10 to index and search for TIFF format thanks to OCR technology. As we can see, we have several options at the feature level that will be quite useful and practical in various management, support or development tasks.

How to write root on the Degree symbol with keyboard

Degree symbol Celsius

An alternative to this option is to use a special symbol table available in the Windows OS.

  • Click on “Start”, then select “All Programs”;
  • Then “Standard”, then “Service”, where select “Character table”.
  • There, find the root sign √, click on it, click on the “Select” button, then “Copy” and copy it into the text you need using the keys Ctrl + V.
  • symbol table

The Word text editor (as well as Excel) also has a corresponding character table that can be used for our tasks. You can find it by going to the “Insert” tab, and clicking on the “Symbol” on the right, and then clicking on the inscription “Other Symbols” just below, this will help you in solving the problem of writing the root in Word. You can also use the “Formula” option in the “Insert” tab according to the algorithm described in this video.

Degree symbol Celsius

How to indicate the root of 3.4.5 degrees on the keyboard

This may also raise the question of how to write to indicate the square root on the keyboard and others like them. For example, the root of the 3.4.5 degree on the keyboard can be written like this:

X1 / 3

X1 / 4

X1 / 5

Or so:

3√X (instead of the number 3 you can use the corresponding notation from the symbol table (³)



At the same time, despite the fact that the system has an image of the cube root ∛ and the fourth root ∜, they cannot be typed through Alt and the number keys will fail. This is only possible with the decimal system codes HTML code (& # 8731 and & # 8732) and Unicode hexadecimal (& # x221B and & # x221C). For me, it’s better to use the notation forms described by me just above.


In this material I have described different options for how to write root on the keyboard of your computer. The most impatient can use the sign, but it will be more accurate and more correct, nevertheless, to use the key combination Alt + 251, and put the root sign as it is indicated in accordance with the generally recognized standard for characters.

How to write the power of a number | Do it yourself

The exponent of the number in the usual with every school the designation is written on the tiny figure of approximately tier height of the erected in the degree number. To depict this in any text editor that does not support the function of formatting the text will not work without the use of special fonts. However, methods for recording the degrees of numbers for applications with a wide variety of mapping probabilities exist.

Instruction manual

  1. To write numbers in degrees in simple text editors (say, in Notepad Windows), it is customary to use the notation that first appeared in the BASIC programming language. A sign bearing the name “circumflex” is placed between the number and its degree.

To look at the record, say, of the number 5297 to the seventh degree when applied, it will look like this: 52977 To enter circumflex, you need to switch the keyboard layout to the English version and press the SHIFT + 6 key combination.

  1. For more advanced editors, there is no need to use a special character. Their ability to shift the baseline of individual characters relative to the rest allows you to display the degree of the number by the method that has become familiar over the past three hundred years.

Such editors have buttons in the interface for switching the lettering to the mode of upper and lower indices (“superscript” and “subscript” characters). Say, in the Microsoft Word 2007 text editor, an icon with an X image in a square is placed in the menu in the “Main” section, in the “Font” section. In order to use it, you need to select a number indicating the degree of the number, and click this icon.

  1. In HTML-documents, it is also allowed to use the usual designation of the latex degree symbol of number introduced by Descartes . To do this, the HTML language (HyperText Markup Language – “Hypertext Markup Language”) provides the appropriate command (tag) – sup. The number indicating the degree must be placed between the opening () and closing () tags.

Say, a fragment of HTML-code with writing the number 5297 to the seventh degree, in the initial code of the document will look like this: 52977 the opposite (lower) index in the hypertext markup language is obtained by putting numbers and letters between the opening and closiing tag. Here find degree on mac

Easy to implement SEO techniques


It is NOT easy to be in the first position. It is not easy to optimize a site from an SEO point of view. This does not mean that there is no point in doing anything and that there are no ways to increase traffic without investing a lot of resources.

Easy-to-implement SEO techniques

There are a number of optimization techniques that are easy to implement and that can bring us significant traffic, especially in relation to the workload. In this article, this is exactly what I set out to do: to present some ways and techniques of Seo optimization that are easy to implement and that produce effects in 2020.


Choose a few important keywords and write fewer but larger articles By important keywords I mean keywords with high volume and high profitability for you. It helps you in every way if you have a blog. It helps you in all respects if you promote yourself through articles (see here more about content marketing ). But, assuming that the energy allocated to producing articles is identical, an efficient see technique is to write fewer and larger articles than smaller and more articles. Why? In over 95% of cases, Google will take from your site a single page that will “compete” with other sites (i.e. appear in Google). The stronger that page, the higher its chances of getting higher. The more content and SEO is optimized for that page, the more Google will consider a visitor’s chance to find what he wants and the more that page will score. It’s MUCH easier to score on a single page than to split it into multiple pages produced with the same effort.

Stronger your article is, the better your chances of winning

Think of it this way: You have a team and you want to win a marathon. In which case are you more likely? • Train a little 10 athletes • You train a lot of single athletes The same is true for Google. The better trained and stronger your article is, the better your chances of winning the “marathon” ranking. If you have 10 articles in the same word, google will take only one – which has the highest score – and with that you will enter into the “fight” with the others. This means that the other 9 articles did NOT have such a great benefit. So, from the point of view of seo optimization, is it not better to have one alone – yes GREAT – than many and small? There is only one real benefit to having more frequent articles – Email Marketing. But, even in this case, you do NOT need more than 4 large items per month. Update old articles.

DO NOT always write new ones SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

Especially if you don’t have a lot of resources to buy a ton of links and promotion, you will NOT get to the top quickly. This means that you have to adjust your resources for a long-term, long-term effort. An important aspect that Google takes into account when calculating a page’s (authority’s) score is how often the content of that page has been updated. It makes sense if you stop to think. An article written this year about a topic is more likely to be relevant than an article written 3 years ago on the same topic. The “secret” is that it is much more efficient to update an old article than to write new and new articles for the same topics. See also point 1 above. Updating an old article: + You gain more authority as a result of the update + You actually have new content + You streamline the resources used – it’s much easier to update an article than to write a new one from scratch. Do not try to fool Google and update only a few letters. The refresh score of an article is directly correlated with% of modified text. If you change only 2 letters, Google will not consider the change.

Stylish Makeover for Windows 11

Windows 11

Last year, Microsoft introduced the Snip & Sketch tool, which, apart from a stylistic adaptation to the new look of windows, did not receive a functional upgrade. Users who often take screenshots are probably already using a lot more practical tools, one of the best is definitely PicPick (, which also handles full contents of a window that is not visible to us on the screen (and you would have to rotate the mouse wheel to view it and “glue” multiple screenshots together). PicPick bets on convenience when we capture a screenshot, allows us to send it via email, Skype or Microsoft Office applications or share it on Facebook. Of course, there is no lack of a variety of screenshot editing tools, with the addition of comments and various markup. PicPick literally handles screenshots.

Windows 11

Faster program switching

We already mentioned the Alt + Tab shortcut in this post, and the ntwind software company has made a much more elegant Alt Tab Terminator applet, which further extends this functionality. In the upper left corner, it shows icons of open programs, and on the right side a larger preview of the contents of their windows. This makes it faster to identify the program you would like to use, and again it can be accessed with the Alt + Tab key combination or with the click of a mouse. The settings can also be used to set the size of the windows 12 iso display, and besides each window, we also have a Close button that closes the selected program, and the Terminate button literally interrupts its execution.

Windows 11 title

We’ve quickly gotten used to using tabs in web browsers, so it’s a little frustrating that Microsoft didn’t embed this functionality right into Windows itself. With Group, which is unfortunately payable and costs just under $ 5, this is also possible – but then we have a windows operating system that really deserves a Windows 11 title which operates for 30 days. Group is insanely easy to use – simply dragging one program window over another and an Insert into group here message already appears, and after that, a group of two or more programs is created. In this way, we can combine a web site in a browser, a text editor and a calculator, which we use for common tasks. We switch between groups of programs using the Windows + ‘keyboard shortcut (we can also change this in the settings). If we have Microsoft Office applications in the application group, they will be opened with the most recently opened documents (or where we last saved the group settings) when the group is activated. Unfortunately, this does not (yet) work for all other applications, for example, Chrome will be waiting for us with a blank new tab. This is how Groupy can edit our desktop. Anyone dealing with a range of programs at once will quickly realize that $ 5 is well invested.

Windows 11 completely redesigned operating system

Of course, a completely redesigned operating system also deserves a new look and feel. While Windows 10 does allow us to change our desktop background, it limits us to just a few options. Rainmeter (, which allows us to fully customize the look of the operating system, comes to these limitations. What’s more, various add-ons can be added to the desktop, e.g. buttons to quickly launch applications or an applet that shows us how to use system resources. Rainmeter has a bunch of user-generated systems and desktop layouts, and many more can be found in DeviantArt. With Windows 12 Rainmeter, you will no longer be able to recognize it at first glance or second glance, so it can do a thorough style transformation.

Google Stadia Cost, Features, Gaming

Game platforms have a large audience in the hands of Google has mobilized. Epic Games started to attract users by making a serious debut before the launch of Steam’s monopoly. Finally came information about Google stadia download. Google’s monthly hardware regardless of where you can play games in return for a fee Stadia gaming platform Google’s explanation was made about the arrival date and prices in India. So, when is Google Stadia running? How much will Google stadia download be? Here is the answer.

Google Stadia

When is it running?

Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh recently noted that Google stadia for pc will be available on November 19, 2019. That big day came. Users will now be able to meet the platform they have been waiting for months.

How much will the service cost?

For the time being, Google has signed up to a dozen games for the official opening. Front subscribers will also be able to benefit from a free subscription for 3 months. Google stadia download monthly standard subscription (Stadia Pro) will be $ 10. Stadia will also be able to play games for free, but games can be played at a lower resolution. Stadia will work on the Chromecast Ultra device, which is Google’s applications platform on televisions, and through the Chrome browser on computers and phones.

Google stadia for pc launch tomorrow will offer players to games, which was announced last week. The fact that the cloud-based gaming service would come with only 12 games was interpreted as a weak launch. Stadia, however, has already begun to expand the game list by responding to expectations.

The same system exists in EA Access

Those who wonder what Google stadia pc looks like will be more familiar with those who use EA Access. To sum up, consider a game platform and have certain games on it. Is it possible to play all of these games individually? Possible and small figures with these systems. It is possible to have all of the games by paying a certain price per month. Thus the game world becomes shareable and the enjoyment of the unlimited world becomes another.

google stadia for pc

When it comes to India?

Google stadia download for pc will be available in 14 countries in the first phase. These are the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy. Belgium, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Denmark. Stadia is not known when the future of India. The reason why not in India, according to a statement from Google to 720p / 60fps experience to 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, you have 35 Mbps download speed to play in 4K. Unfortunately, this system has no infrastructure to handle services in India. Google’s cloud-based game streaming platform, Google Stadia, was announced at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) last March. From what we’ve learned so far, a pretty good gaming service is waiting for us. However, there are question marks in the heads about the details of the service. Google’s official Stadia Twitter account answers all of these three questions ” this summer “. That’s why we’ll be able to learn more about the platform in the next few months. At the E3 event, which will begin on June 11th, Google will also be able to present some details about Google stadia for pc, however.